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Download MP3: Lily Alan Walker Dilengkapi Chord Gitar,Lirik Lagu serta Video

Lagu Lily dari Alan Walker pasti sudah tidak asing lagi para pendengar musik di tanah air.Lagu Lily Alan Walker sangat banyak digemari, apalagi para

Penulis: Mona Triana | Editor: Mona Triana

TRIBUNPADANG.COM - Lagu-lagu Alan Walker saat ini banyak dinikmati para generasi muda.

Lily dari Alan Walker pasti sudah tidak asing lagi para pendengar musik di tanah air.

Bagi kamu yang ingin menyanyikan lagu Alan Walker berjudul Lily, berikut ini telah tersedia chord gitarnya beserta lirik lagu dan video youtube.

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Lagu Lily Alan Walker sangat banyak digemari, apalagi para kaula muda saat ini.

Berikut ini bagi yang ingin menyanyikan lagu Lily telah tersedia chord gitar dan video youtubenya.

Verse 1]
Em                Am
Lily was a little girl
D                       Bm
Afraid of the big, wide world
Em                Am          D
She grew up within her castle walls
Em                Am
Now and then she tried to run
                D                      Bm
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
Am         D
So afraid, all alone

Em               Am
They warned her, don’t go there
D                 Bm
There's creatures who are hiding in the dark
Em             Am
Then something came creeping
D            N.C.
It told her, don’t you worry just

Em                  Am
Follow everywhere I go
             D                   Bm
Top over the mountains or valley low
              Em                         Am
Give you everything you’ve been dreaming of
            D      Em
Just let me in, ooh
Em             Am                   D           Bm
Everything you wantin' gonna be the magic story you've been told
              Em                Am
And you’ll be safe under my control
            D     Em  Am D Bm
Just let me in, ooh
Em Am            D     Em
     Just let me in, ooh

[Verse 2]
Em                    Am
She knew she was hypnotized
D                        Bm
And walking on cold thin ice
         Em             Am     D
Then you broke, and she awoke again
Em             Am
  Then she ran faster than
D               Bm
Start screaming, is there someone out there?
Please help me
Come get me
D          N.C.
Behind her, she can hear it say


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