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Lagunya Stephanie Poetri, 'I Love You 3000' Kuntit 'Señorita' dari Camila Cabello dan Shawn Mendes

Lagu " I Love You 3000" yang dinyanyikan Stephanie Poetri menduduki posisi teratas di Global Viral 50 Spotify. "I Love You 3000" menyalip lagu "Lalala

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Penyanyi I Love You 3000 Stephanie Peotri. 

I see you standing there

In your Hulk outerwear

And all I can think Is where is the ring

Cause I know you wanna ask

Scared the moment will pass

I can see it in your eyes

Just take me by surprise

And all my friends they tell me they see

You planing to get on one knee

But I want it to be out of the blue

So make sure I have no clue

When you ask Baby, take my hand

I want you to be my husband

Cause you're my Iron Man

And I love you 3000

Baby, take a chance

Cause I want this to be something

Straight out of a Hollywood movie

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